Common Samsung TV Capacitor Issues

2 min read

Several years ago, Samsung released TV models with underrated and faulty capacitors. Although capacitors can go bad in any make or model, the TV models released between 2004 and 2008 have had a plethora of issues. Some symptoms of failed TV capacitors are:

  • pink dot/start up problems
  • slow start up
  • after start up the picture starts to disappear
  • flickering of the TV screen
  • clicking noise
  • sound/power LED is on but there is no picture

If you open the back part of your TV, often times you'll see "bulging" or "dome-shaped" capacitors. They might even be leaking. This is a sure sign of a bad capacitor. 

Instead of spending thousands on a new TV or hundreds on a repair service, fix your TV yourself for less than $20. We've had thousands of customers succeed. Many of them had never seen the inside of a TV! Watch our step-by-step demo and your TV will be fixed in less than 30 minutes.  


About our capacitor kits

Our kitsinclude:

  • 15 high temperature capacitors, not including the large 400-450V
  • 7" solder wire, 4" solder wick
  • Soldering iron, desoldering pump
  • General instruction sheet


We provide capacitors to replace the failed ones on your power board. The 400V and 450V capacitors are not included and typically do not need to be replaced. You can use higher voltage capacitors to replace lower on your board as long as the uF value matches. Our capacitors are from Nichicon, Rubicon, and Panasonic.

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Need a Custom TV Repair Kit? 

If you have specific capacitors you want for your TV's make and model, contact us. We'll be happy to help! We will use our extensive capacitor inventory to compile a custom kit that works for your board and give you a discount code to purchase your kit. After a few weeks that kit will become available for other customers to purchase!