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    I didn't get my package but the tracking shows that it's been delivered.

    First things first, double check with other people who live or work with you. Often someone tries to be helpful and collect your packages but then forgets to tell you!

    We also recommend asking any available neighbors if they might have accidentally received your package. If you have a cluster box or parcel locker sometimes your mail carrier can leave the key in the wrong mailbox.

    If you know your mail carrier, ask them! They may remember delivering your package and have more detailed information about the delivery.

    A lot of our items have the same packaging: small, yellow bubble mailer with a white shipping label. Dimensions: 4" x 6". 

    When you've tried all of those options but the package is still missing please contact us! We can open an investigation with the Postal Inspectors in the case of stolen mail.


    There haven't been any tracking updates for several days and I still don't have my package.

    Let us know! Sometimes there's just a little delay between facilities but we can request a more detailed update from the carriers. Most packages won't have any issues getting delivered even with a 2 or 3 day gap of tracking movement. If it's been longer than that we'll contact the carrier for more information.


    I ordered a capacitor replacement kit but it doesn't have the items I need.

    Not a problem! Our kits are somewhat generic since the boards change slightly every year. Please contact us and we'll get any additional items you need shipped to you right away.


    I ordered glass or ceramic fuses but they aren't the same as the one I am replacing.

    How are they different? 

    1. Part number doesn't match

    Depending on the manufacturer the exact part number will vary. Some manufacturers never include the blowing speed (T or F) and some don't use the breaking capacity either (L or H). This doesn't mean that the fuse has the wrong specifications! We order inventory very carefully and each fuse will have the correct specifications as noted in the product description. Check the packing slip and product label for the info!

    2. The dimensions aren't the same
    Fuse part numbers do not include any size information.
    Check out our buying guide for glass and ceramic fuses for info about dimensions: Glass and Ceramic Fuses


    I definitely got the wrong items.

    Say no more! We accept returns within 30 days of the delivery date. Read our full policy here and contact us to start your return!



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