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  • March 25, 2021 2 min read

    Replacing Fuses in Digital Multimeters

    If your multimeter stops reading amperes you may have blown a fuse! In most cases, you will still be able to read the resistance, voltage, and other values.

    Replacing fuses in your digital multimeter

    If you have a Fluke brand multimeter scroll down for more specific information!



     Bussmann AGX glass fuseSIBA ceramic fuseceramic 6x30mm fuse          

    The most common fuses in multimeters are certain glass and ceramic fuses like Bussmann AGX-2, GDA-630mA, and SIBA ceramic fuses. You may also have fast-acting ceramic fuses with various milliamp ratings and we stock just about every single one!

    View all ceramic fuses here.

    Depending on your multimeter you may have one or more of these fuses to replace. The process is very straightforward: remove the back of your multimeter, pop the blown fuse out, and slide the new fuse in. 

    For precise instructions we recommend consulting the manufacturer’s manual; each multimeter is slightly different!

    If you can't find the fuse you need please contact us!


    Replacing fuses in your Fluke digital multimeter



    To start, take the back off of your multimeter or remove any casing. We recommend consulting the manufacturer's manual as each model is slightly different. You should be able to easily locate any fuses inside.

    Fluke has a lot of different part numbers and some are for the exact same fuse. This chart shows the fuse part number and the corresponding Fluke part numbers:


    Part number Fluke number
    AGX-2 871178 713057 (25-pack)
    BBS-1 871207 (5-pack) 871210 (25-pack)
    BBS-2 871215 (5-pack) 812404 (25-pack)
    BBS-3 871202 713099 (25-pack)
    DMM-B-11 803293 203403 203406 (5-pack)
    DMM-44/100 943121 203411 203414 (5-pack)
    GDA-630mA 871173 (5-pack) 812396 (25-pack)
    KTK-15 892583 820829 871223 (5-pack) 847793 (25-pack) 871210 (25-pack)
    KTK-20 643684 871194 (5-pack)
    SIBA 315mA 2279229


    If you need to replace a DMM fuse you can use either DMM or DMM-B part numbers. They are identical in both fit and function and are completely interchangeable. We stock the B fuses.

    There are newer styles with a -R ending indicating that they are RoHS compliant - they are lead-free, that’s the only difference. 

    If you can't find the fuse you need please contact us!